Aag Ka Dariyan Hai, Dub Ke Jana Hai.! Ankit Tiwari’S Aggressive Romantic Track

Aggression, rock, loud yet romantic, rebel and such words come to your
mind when you hear ‘Aag Ka Dariyan’ from Issaq Hindi romantic film. It
is an original Indian adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet
directed by Manish Tiwary. The film has Prateek Babbar and Rajeshwari
Sachdev as leads; Ravi Kishan and Makrand Deshpande also play a crucial
role in the movie. The movie is a about fighting for what you love and
that’s pretty much what the song also screams out âEUR¦..
The characters Rahul and Bachi fall head over heels for each other. But
their families are big rivals. The Kashyaps and Mishras are two Banaras
based family. They both are Sand Mafias and are at brutal feud with each
other. While Rahul and Bacchi are willing to kill FOR each other, their
families are ready TO kill each other and soon their own families become
their enemy.
Critics have praised the song, ‘Aag ka dariya, sung by Ankit Tiwary.
Aggression is the keyword here. With alternative rock backing the song,
this one reiterates the line – Ek aag ka dariya hai aur doob ke jana
hai. The tempo of the song changes from time to time as the singer talks
about beauty of the female protagonist in the movie. – NDTV’. Many
online sites have also commented positively on this song by saying- Aag
Ki Dariya is quite mish-mash rock number with no tonal consistency, in
spite of starting so well with aggressive guitar hooks and screeching
riffs to convey its grittiness. Ankit Tiwari is great here, with his
grizzled voice conveying all that hurt and pain, but it’s the confusing
softer moments where he seems a bit out of place.- Bolly Spice. One of
the known online site GlamSham, gives a big thumbs up to this song and
also says,’Aag Ka Dariya’ to convey the strong emotions and the
tumultuous and hard times that lovers face. Hard rock is the essence
here and Ankit Tiwari’s young energetic and strong vocal do the needful
and also provides the album with the much needed variety. Movie Talkies
calls this song the one that does carry potential to cover some distance
along with the title track (Issaq Tera).
Although this song has a Rock background, the singer Ankit Tiwari still
manages to make you feel the love and the pain it’s originally supposed
to deliver. Just like Sadda Haq (from Rockstar) even this song wakes the
rebel in you, it makes you want to go and get whatever you love.

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